Han Tak Lee Act

New York Assembly Bill A9897 will require firefighters who specialize in assessing arsons to be tested on "NFPA 921" standards, the national guidelines set by the national fire protection association to cover all aspects of arson-related cases.


Please show your support for the Han Tak Lee Act by signing onto this petition. For more on Mr. Lee's case, check out the NY Times and NBC News articles.

Who's signing

Hyepin Im
Karlin Chan
William Torres
500 signatures

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  • Hyepin Im
    signed 2016-05-01 09:59:20 -0700
    Hyepin Im
  • Karlin Chan
    signed 2016-04-30 04:33:05 -0700
    Karlin Chan
  • William Torres
    signed 2016-04-30 04:18:13 -0700

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