Perpetual Foreign Place Syndrome


Flushing is my hometown.

It's one of the most diverse places on this planet. More than 130 languages are spoken here. It's economic vitality is unparalleled in our state.

Yet, as I enter my fourth legislative session overseeing a $145 Billion dollar budget, I realize that the reason why top government leaders do not take Flushing seriously is because many see my hometown as a foreign place.

Instead of investing in our economic growth, our political leaders would rather call a state of emergency against our small business owners for six months, leaving hundreds of female immigrant workers out of a job.

Instead of alleviating the most congested intersection in the entire city (Main Street & Roosevelt Avenue) by creating long-term solutions, such as a green bus depot to manage the 14 bus lines, they would rather expand the sidewalk onto vehicular traffic.

Instead of holding the Port Authority accountable for the increasing airplane noise, they would rather undermine public participation while empowering special interest groups to add more airplane routes that will forever damage the quality of life in the Flushing areas.

Even despite the unfairness and mistreatment, Flushing continues to stay determined and resilient:


 But imagine if we actually overcome the Perpetual Foreign Place Syndrome and realize the return on investment toward Flushing?

I hope you can join me as I continue my fight to overcome these challenges.

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Ron Kim

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