As the first and only Korean-American elected official in New York, Ron has broken boundaries and bridged communities.  His ability to cross over and communicate with different communities encompassing all generations is something that Flushing, as one of the most diverse areas in the state, desperately needs.  With his flair for thinking outside of the box and his incredible sports acumen, whether it's time to think through policy ideas and resolve issues or to play two on two, Ron is a favorite amongst his colleagues. Ron's goal is to bring the uniqueness of Flushing and Whitestone to Albany with him to make better policy that serves everyone in the state.  The importance of language access, protecting "main street" small businesses from unreachable mandates, providing comprehensive services for older adults, and the value of providing a passion driven education for our youth has been at the forefront of his policy work. 

Ron's open door policy on the local level made international and national news when he appeared in the New York Times, Business Insider, the Daily Mail, NBC, New Observer, NY Daily News and MSN Money, for mediating an issue between businesses and local senior citizens who sought a social space in Flushing's crowded urban neighborhood.  Ron also used this opportunity to write and introduce a new legislation called the "Community Corner Café Fund" that would provide tax credits to mom-and-pop diners, cafes, and restaurants for collaborating with local nonprofits to service older adults: 

Ron is also making national news by standing up for immigrant small business owners by curtailing the state's ability to unilaterally impose unfair mandates that will inevitably lead to thousands of lost jobs for New York: New York Times, Crain's, Reason, New York Magazine. Instead of short-term punitive approaches that will only hurt the workers by setting up small business owners to shut down, Ron has consistently joined community groups in advocating for long-term solutions that will turn an exploitable workforce into an empowered one.

Since 2012, Ron's District Office has also served more than 35,000 constituents on issues ranging from resolving fraud cases to providing free tax prep and access to food benefits. Ron has always been eager to do whatever he needs to do to help his constituents, including taking down an alleged purse-snatcher to the ground near his district office: ABC News, Daily Mail, NY Post

Our communities and our neighborhoods need Ron.  Please support Ron so he can continue the good fight.


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