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After serving over 60,000 constituents since 2012, Ron's office has identified the following top issues that are affecting working families and immigrant communities:

1) Affordable housing

During summer of 2013, Ron's office held a town hall on affordable housing at the Macedonia Church and expected around 150 people to show up. More than 1,000 people showed up and some seniors lined up hours before the doors even opened. For the next few months, Ron's office helped more than 6,000 people (mostly older adults) apply for affordable housing.

2) Quality of life

Downtown Flushing continues to thrive economically and we will continue to see more growth in the future. Already, it is the second busiest district in the entire city. Consequently, we are also seeing more littering and dirtier sidewalks. With the help of the Flushing BID, community groups, and initiatives like Ron's CleanFlushing, we are determined to improve conditions in downtown Flushing.

In all parts of Queens (like Flushing, Murray Hill, Auburndale, and North Flushing) people are fed up with the airplane noise. Our office will continue to support groups like Queens Quiet Skies to alleviate this problem. If you have specific ideas or suggestions regarding how we can fix this problem, please share your thoughts here.

3) Transportation

We need more efficient, effective, and equitable bus options for Flushing. Our constituents are complaining about the delays and overcrowding in our buses. Working families depend on public transportation and we must do a better job at providing the best services for them.

4) Education

Our classrooms are overcrowded and we need more resources. Despite the record-breaking allocation of money this past budget cycle, we still have too many students in Flushing without access to computers and up-to-date text books.



Additionally, Ron continues everyday to be strong voice for those who may feel targeted or marginalized by our system. Whether it's a "main street" small business owner who feels mistreated by unreachable mandates or a victim of a heinous crime, Ron is one of the first to show up and last to leave: 


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