Policy Agenda

As the first elected official in New York to stand against the expansion of Amazon, Ron's opposition was published in the New York Times, The Guardian, New York Daily News, Vice News, and a number of other publications. 

After defeating the wealthiest man on earth from robbing New Yorkers billions of subsidies, Assemblyman Kim introduced legislation to end corporate welfare, cancel student debt and reshaping economic development through his "Inclusive Value Ledger", the nation's first public payment platform designed to capture unvalued work. 

Ron is proud to sit on the health, education and housing committees. Additionally, he also belongs to the following:

  • Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions
  • Social Services
  • Government Operations


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Community Issues



After serving over 60,000 constituents since 2012, Ron's office has identified the following top issues that are affecting working families and immigrant communities:

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