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This page was created to have an open discussion between the advocates, owners, industry experts, and policymakers as we move forward with improving the conditions of nail salons and beauty enhancement stores.

There is pending legislation in the state legislature that would empower the Department of State to act swiftly while creating a trainee classification for nail salon workers: Assembly Website

Our office is also focused on working toward long-term solutions that would help turn an exploitable workforce into an empowered workforce: Huffington Post

We welcome your feedbacks and suggestions. 

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From the experts re: Bond & Liability Insurance for nail salons

According to the team from the International Underwriting Agency (, it takes a minimum of one year to create an insurance product model as it requires feasible study, actuarial study, and creation of guideline and contractual terms. Due to the absence of market data and information of this newly proposed insurance product, it is impossible for insurance carriers to create any type of marketable insurance products for back wages and wage thefts before July 1st. Regardless of these conditions, none of the insurance carriers were willing to create and offer a bond for back wages and wage thefts in nail salon businesses since the new legislation was introduced. It is very difficult to create a sound insurance product model for nail salon businesses because of certain contingencies, such as: o Whether the state would offer asylum period to the nail salon businesses (if not, the insurance products’ premium cost will significantly increase) o The new legislation’s obscure scope of required insurance coverage o Whether the state would require undocumented immigrants to be licensed and the owners to report insurance companies the actual number of employees regardless of the workers’ immigration status (number of employees is a key factor in insurance risk and premium assessment)

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Health Fair for Nail Salon Workers - Need your feedbacks!

The Charles B. Wang Community Health Center has agreed to host a Community Health Fair for Nail Salon Workers. If we want to move forward, we need to pick one of the following two options: First Option: Join "Good Health Day" on Saturday, August 1st (which is already planned) at Charles Wang Flushing site parking lot (136-26 37th Avenue). They can offer free screening on cholesterol and glucose, blood pressure, body mass index, bone density, vision, colorectal cancer screening and hepatitis B screening, and other health education activities. The advantage of holding this screening event on Good Health Day is that all the activities have been planned and it won’t have any disruption on our clinical workflow. There will be other health and social service agencies setting up information booths at the Good Health Day event. So there will be a lot of resources and information for anyone who attend. Second Option: Hold a health screening day at one of the Charles Wang Health Center clinical floors (136-26 37th Avenue) on a weekday in the next 2-3 months. They will make one of the clinical floor available for the various health screening and health information activities. They will have to plan this event with all the organizations involved to maximize outreach and prove translation in different languages. The health center does not have in–house expertise in occupational health or pulmonary health but can reach out to other health facilities for sharing of resources and expertise. They would be happy to connect and share resources.

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Bond & Liability Insurance

The legislation would require the owners to buy liability insurance but the carriers currently do not carry such products or have conducted any kind of underwriting policy for this market. Yet, under this new law, the Secretary of State would be able to shut businesses down if they do not carry a bond or liability insurance that currently do not exist. My office is working with the Governor's staff and hopefully the insurance carriers to resolve this problem before we move forward with this bill.

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