Policy Agenda


Ron is proud to sit on the powerful education and housing committees. Additionally, he also belongs to the following:

  • Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions
  • Social Services
  • Children and Families
  • Government Operations


In Albany, Ron has taken the lead in pushing for more passion-driven education in our public schools. Students who learn with purpose are more likely to build character that leads to long-term success. Some of these traits include resiliency, determination, grit, and curiosity.

Instead of finding ways to institutionally reward and measure these non-cognitive traits (emotional intelligence), our public schools continue to focus on linear development based on high-stakes testing. As a result, too many families and schools are "teaching to the test" instead of imbuing a real passion for learning.

Ron has been collaborating with a wide coalition of experts on "growth mindsets" and has also introduced legislation around this topic.


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